Sweden's monument to U.S. sorrows of Vietnam War
”Monuments to loss” is the

       The Swedish Cult of America

Sweden was the first neutral country to officially recognize the United States when that country was founded over 200 years ago. Since then, attitudes toward the emerging superpower have generally been quite positive, and affections deepened with the mass emigration that reached its height during the latter part of the 19th century.

Even though the two countries have since developed in different directions — in some respects they are each other’s opposite — the ”dream of America” remains a common experience. After a spot of bother over Prime Minister Olof Palme’s forceful denunciation of the Vietnam War and other destructive behaviour, relations have now been restored to the satisfaction of the United States — so much so that, if the Vietnam War were to be fought today, the Swedish government would probably assist the USA in its vain and extraordinarily violent attempt to subjugate Indochina.

Thus, Sweden’s relationship with the United States at the start of the 21st century can be characterized as pathological in that it leads to decisions and actions which violate fundamental Swedish values and principles, including those related to the promotion of peace, international law and global justice. That in turn has implications for the world at large, due to the important role that Sweden came to play during the Palme era.

The materials in this section of NNN’s website address various aspects of those developments, including the following:

Sweden & NATO
Although Swedish public opinion is strongly opposed to formal membership in the NATO military alliance which is dominated by the United States, the country has gradually become a de facto member by a furtive process that has been called “the tyranny of small steps”. Link.

Warring for Peace in the Service of USA/NATO
Sweden's pathological relationship to the United States has led the once peace-loving country to collaborate in so-called “humanitarian wars”, including the war of aggression against Libya. Link.

22 September 2012


Swedish soldier on patrol in Afghanistan.
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