Notes on the abuse of power
and the stifling of dissent
by Swedish "progressives"

Attack of the Zarembites  
The most important alternative to Swedish mainstream media provoked a furious backlash when it challenged the conventional wisdom on the Balkan tragedy that has been used to justify “humanitarian war”. The initial broadside of the mainstream assault, fired by a journalistic attack dog named Zaremba, triggered a chain of events that has exposed the sorry state of democracy and public discourse in Sweden.
A Simple Tale of Good and Evil  
At issue is a complex history of many centuries which has been distorted into a simple morality tale that begins only recently, and which justifies the demonization of the Balkan ethnic group which has been most afflicted during modern times. This version of reality is enforced by a battalion of thought police who strive to protect the Swedish populace from “freedom of expression which is used to confuse us”.
Out of Control  
The leadership of the grassroots organization under attack, Ordfront, first defended its magazine's right to publish dissenting views, but then capitulated to the mainstream mob. That decision led to a rare rebellion among the membership, a majority of which voted to repudiate the capitulation and related actions. The leadership responded by organizing a coup against the democratic majority.
Coup Accompli   
By a variety of means including suppression of debate, a McCarthyesque scare campaign and an unholy alliance with the mainstream media, the Ordfront leadership succeeded in pulling off its coup— the consolidation of which has thus far proceeded with little resistance.
O Sweden, Where Art Thou?  
Among the factors contributing to the scandal are a regression from the politics of Olof Palme to those of his current successor, the complex nature of the Balkan conflict, and a culture of consensus which induces a trained incapacity to cope with such fundamental violations of democratic process as the Ordfront coup. The mild-mannered and co-operative withdraw in passive resignation, while the domineering and manipulative turn the nation into a moral swamp and intellectual backwater. It is a human dilemma which is not limited to Sweden, however.

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